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Looking for something to read?

Springfield City Library's Youth Services Department has compiled reading lists for preschoolers, teens, and parents. Contact your local library to check out these books for FREE!

top 100 children's books

Booklists for Kids


Booklists for Teens


Booklists for Adults


Fiction Booklists


Nonfiction Booklists

Wellness and Family

Job Seekers Booklist

Central Library Literacy Collection: New Items

Go Green: The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Stories of Hope and Inspiration

Bullying Resources for Parents, Kids and Teens

Pandemic! Books & other resources on the history and current threat of global epidemics

Genealogy and Family History: Resources

Reference Sources for Health

Resources to Help You Help Your Child in School: Books & Videos

Alternative Medicine: Selected Resources

Homosexuality & Marriage: The Debate

Mental and Emotional Illness: List of resources

Books about Urban Education

History, Biography, and Society

Hometowns: Histories of Western Massachusetts Communities

Nonfiction about the Mafia

Springfield, Massachusetts History

Stories of Hope and Inspiration

2010 Mass Book Awards: Nonfiction Shortlist

2010 Mass Book Awards: Poetry

True Crime

Freedom Summer -- Mississippi, 1964

The African-American Experience: Primary Sources

Slave Narratives

Advise and Consent: The Senate, the Judiciary and the Filibuster

African-American Culture

African-Americans in the Military: A Reading List

Ancient Egypt

Black History Month

Brave New World? The Stem Cell Research Debate

Brown v. Board of Education: 50th Anniversary

Civil Liberties, Homeland Security and the USA PATRIOT Act: The Debate

Classic Titles for Black History Month

Genocide in Rwanda

Hispanic Heritage Month

The Holocaust in Art, Music and Poetry

The Irish-American Experience: A Booklist

The History of the Papacy

John Paul II and the Modern Papacy

Kings, Tombs and Temples: The History and Religion of Ancient Egypt

Mummies: Books & Videos at the Springfield Library

Native Americans: Selected Resources

Pandemic! Books & other resources on the history and current threat of global epidemics

Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Teaching Evolution: The Intelligent Design Controversy

Women & Music: Books, Recordings & Scores

Women's History Month

Books about Urban Education