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Online Information You Can Trust

When researching a topic, Google isn’t your only option.  Libraries make millions of articles from trustworthy sources available to you online.  Newsweek, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Boston Globe—find information from your favorite source or search millions of resources at once. Thanks to funding from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Massachusetts Library System, these full text articles are available at no cost to all Massachusetts residents—no library card needed. In this section we guide you into resources that may be of interest to students and teachers, gardeners, chefs, someone trying to start a business and much more.  You can also use  “Complete List of Resources” to find what you need.

In Historic Collections, you’ll have unprecedented access to some of the nation’s historic treasures housed in Massachusetts Libraries.  With funding from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, Boston Public Library and other libraries across the state are digitizing collections. View historic photographs of the Boston Red Sox, take a look at John Adams’ personal library including his marginal notes, view and download the papers of William Lloyd Garrison and other historical figures central to the Boston anti-slavery movement and much more.